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Children can retell this beloved story or use their imagination to create their own version.  The Three Little Pigs is a classic tale, and a great addition to your Felt Story Set Collection!

Grab the Alphabet Felt Set to add a fun learning through play element.  Practice identifying letters, letter sounds, and spelling!  "What sound does 'wolf' start with?" "Can you spell 'pig'?"  "What letter does 'straw' start with?" 

This file includes the following images:

  • Straw house
  • Stick house
  • Brick house
  • Pig with straw
  • Pig with sticks
  • Pig with brick
  • Big bad wolf

This set comes with an eco-friendly storage bag that is labeled with a picture for children to easily identify.

Get the fold up felt play mat to take with you on the go.  It has two different scenes to choose from and pockets to store felt pieces!  Or check out this felt play mat that hangs from a wall.

Meets CSPC safety requirements.



Customer Reviews

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Put a big smile on my son's face!

I bought this for my toddler (along with the Fold Up Felt Mat), and he absolutely adores it. He immediately recognized the three little pigs and went to playing with the story (and telling it to himself). We plan to take this on our road trip this week, and I look forward to him being entertained off the screen. Thank you!