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Pretend play can keep kids busy for hours with their imagination!  When you join this Farmer's Market Felt Food Swap, you will end up with a complete dramatic play set up for your home!  This is a fun sewing project for you, that doubles as a screen-free activity for your little ones! It comes with:

  • Tote bag to shop with and store all of your food pieces ($15 value)
  • Felt money - $1, $5, $10, and $20 bill ($6 value)
  • Laminated shopping list ($3 value)

You will also get emailed 23 PDF files ($15 value) that you can print to set up your own Farmer's Market at home and use with your food for learning through play.  These will grow with your child as they get older, or older siblings can play too!  The activities range for ages 2-7. They include:

  • Open/Closed Signs
  • Receipt
  • Mini Shopping Lists (that add up to the different amounts of money they have in bills)
  • Food Labels (plain, all $1, and advanced money)
  • Color Sorting Mats
  • Fruit and Vegetable Sorting Mats
  • How Do They Grow Sorting Mats
  • Size Sorting Mats
  • Alphabet Puzzle
  • Alphabet Tracing Mats
  • Food Tracing Cards
  • Bingo Game Cards
  • Following Instructions Cards
  • Time Activity
  • Counting Clip Cards
  • Addition Clip Cards
  • Subtraction Clip Cards
  • Alphabetical Order

Instructions to make your own Farmer's Market Stand can be found on this blog post!

    In order to participate, you must make (sewing required) up to 20 copies of ONE felt food item of your choice.  I will provide the template and instructions.

    If you don't sew, you can have your food sewn for you!  Most are $30 for a set of 20, with more involved pieces costing more.  You can also pay to have your felt pieces cut too!

    I have designed these felt food items to be as simple as possible to make.  There is no hand-stitching or flipping right sides out required.  There are 30 options to pick from, and the templates for the foods not picked will be available for purchase to complete your set up.  (A few of the printable pages may require foods you may not be getting, but there are still plenty of activities if don't purchase the extras.)

    If you are local to Bakersfield, CA we will have the Swap/Shopping Day on Saturday, May 21 at the Lori Brock Discovery Center.  Your kids will be able to play there also!

    If you are not local, you can still participate by mailing me your food pieces and I will mail you back all of the swapped food items, shopping bag, money, and shopping list.  The shipping rate will be calculated at checkout depending on where you live.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 40 reviews
    Cylenia Snow
    Loved it!

    I signed up my daughter for the food felt activity and she loved it! I’m glad there’s an option to have your felt food made if you don’t want to sew them yourself, and it’s a reasonable price. My daughter and I ended up sewing them ourselves with the help of my mom. All three of us working together making her fruit was a great time and memory we now have. When the food felt swap day came, my daughter was so proud of the food she made. She loved shopping around and using the play money to pay for her food. She’s been carry’s her feed felt bag around ever since. Great experience! Can’t wait for the next one. Can’t say enough good things about the experience.

    Jessica Anderson

    Loved all the pieces they were super cute and my kids played with it as soon as I got it out of the mailbox!

    Morgan Sherfy
    Farmer's Market Swap

    Cute little swap for the kiddos! My daughter turned two before the event, so she was a bit young to participate in it all but she enjoyed filling her bag with items and has played with the felt food at home ever since! Patterns are easy to follow even for beginners, but does take some time to make. Would recommend for everyone with young kids!

    Amazing time

    The Quiet Farmers Market was a wonderful event for small children. My daughter loved everything about it from making the fruit along side me to selling her pieces to others. I highly recommend doing this with your littles too!

    Erin Anderson

    This was an excellent swap, and all of the items received were high quality and well made. Well organized swap and clear explanations throughout the whole process.