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If you're local to Bakersfield, CA, come play with us on May 2 at the Lori Brock Discovery Center!
If you're not local, you can still participate by mailing in your food items, and I will send you back all the same things the locals get to take home.

Watch this video to see last year's swap and how it all works!

How It Works

After I set up the multiple swap groups, you will pick one felt food item to make up to 20 copies of.

Choose between 30 different foods you'd find at a Farmer's Market!

Bring your child and your felt food items to the swap at the Lori Brock Discovery Center at the Kern County Museum on May 2 (or mail them if you live in the U.S.).

They will get these to shop with and take home!

  • Laminated shopping list
  • Farmer's Market Felt Tote Bag
  • Felt Money

Then they'll head to check out at our Farmer's Market stand. You will also get instructions on how to make one for your own home for endless pretend play.

But, that's not all!

You also get over 20 printable PDF files to continue the learning through play at home!

  • Color Sorting Mats
  • Size Sorting Mats
  • Fruit and Vegetable Sorting Mats
  • How Do They Grow Sorting Mats
  • Bingo Game Cards
  • Spanish Vocabulary         Cards
  • Open/Closed Sign
  • Receipt Pad
  • Mini Shopping Lists
  • Food Labels (plain, all $1, and advanced money)
  • Following Instructions Cards
  • Alphabet Puzzle
  • Alphabet Tracing Mats
  • Food Tracing Cards
  • Time Activity
  • Counting Clip Cards
  • Addition/Subtraction Clip Cards
  • Alphabetical Order

What participants said last year...

A swap is so much easier and cost-effective!

Meet the Quiet Book Queen

Kailan is a stay at home mom, turned work at home mom of 2. Before that, she was a 2nd grade teacher. She is passionate about screen-free activities, learning through play, creating with felt, and helping others with sewing projects! She started her own business after her first Quiet Book swap with friends was successful. She organizes swap groups with people from all over the country to make quiet books in an easier, more cost-effective way. You can also find sewing page kits, templates, and felt story sets in her online shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'd love to participate, but do I have to sew?

All pieces need to be sewn, but that doesn't mean you have to do it!  You can pay an additional fee ($30-$40 depending on what food item you pick) to have all 20 of your food item sewn for you if you provide the pre-cut felt pieces.  Don't want to cut either?  I can do that for you too!

Does it have to be sewn with a machine?

No.  If you are willing, you may sew by hand.

What level of sewing experience do you need?

This could be a beginner project, but you should be comfortable (or practice beforehand) sewing a curve.  There are a variety of food options for different skill levels.  No flipping or hand stitching is required.  You are basically sewing two pieces of felt together, stuffing it, and sewing it closed.

What is your cancelation policy?

You can cancel up to 10 days after you pick your felt food item for a full refund.  After that, no refund will be given.

Can I get the extra templates not picked?

Yes!  In a full group, there are 10 extra templates not picked that will be available to purchase.  If you want to make multiples of any items picked in your group (a dozen eggs for example), you can have that template at no charge.

Are supplies included?

No.  Everyone purchases the supplies needed for their food item on their own.  Felt is available on my website or at craft stores.

What age is this good for?

This is such a fun swap because it is enjoyable for a wide age range.  Toddlers up to early elementary school children love to participate, but there really is no age limit!  The learning printable activities also include learning concepts like colors and counting all the way up to Spanish vocabulary, telling time, and counting money.

Where do we sign up?

You have to reserve your spot on my website.  The swap opens on February 28 at 10:00 AM PST.  When you click the button for early access, you will get added to a special list that will get an email to sign up a little earlier.

Do you prefer to do it all yourself?

I get it!  I also sell all 30 templates as a digital download bundle or you can purchase them individually.
The Learning Activity Bundle is also available as a digital download.