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Pick one page design and make 16 copies with the template and instructions that will be provided. There are 20 page options to choose from that range in level of sewing difficulty from beginner to advanced. Sewing is required, but you can get help from friends or family or check out this option to have your pages sewn for you!

The group will begin when it is full, and we won't swap until late January at the earliest (depending on when it fills). You can participate from anywhere in the United States by mailing your pages. 

Price includes:

  • Organization Fee
  • Template and Instructions
  • Cover Tutorial
  • Assembly supplies (grommets and binder rings)

The cost for shipping the swapped pages back to you will be added at checkout.  This rate is based on distance.  If you are local to Bakersfield, CA select free local pick up.

You buy all page supplies on your own.  If you are not local to come to the swap, you will also need the heavy duty hole puncher and grommet tool sold in the shop.

I also offer pre-cut pieces and sewing pages together at the end (for an additional charge) to make it even easier on you!

I will notify you via email when we are ready to begin!

*Certain pages may contain small parts so it is not recommended for children under 3 years of age.  All children should be supervised by adults while they are playing with the book.


Customer Reviews

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I can’t even sew and I loved this!

I have had my eye on joining one of these swaps or buying a finished Quiet Book for my son since I discovered Kailan and QBQ Instagram. I hesitated because I can’t use a sewing machine! I emailed a bit with Kailan, and she explained that another person on the team, Amanda, could sew the pages for a small fee. I decided to give this process a try and it was better than expected! Everyone was super communicative, and I even got to choose the page I wanted to be “mine” even though Amanda was the one sewing.
The pages arrived earlier this week, and I am so excited to wrap this up for my son as a Christmas gift. I highly recommend joining a swap - whatever level of sewing expertise you have!


We love our quiet book and we get comments on it everywhere we go!! I've caught the quiet book bug and have now ordered and downloaded more templates so that I can make more pages for us and some pages for cousins!

Quiet Book Swap

I absolutely loved participating in the swap and highly recommend it. It is clear that Kailan cares about her business and the products that her swap members walk away with. She provides continual timelines, encouragement, tips, and help along the way. I am so excited to give this to my son for his Christmas gift!

Kathy Molin
Best ever!!!!

I am just in utter amazement as I look/play with these pages. I just keep looking at them, touching them and having fun. It just gets better and better. The price for the swap is just amazing too. All that you get for the fee. Kailan is responsive to questions and thorough in her directions and the expectations. This is my first swap and I am so happy I am part of the group. Kailan you are amazing. Thank you so much.

Dawn Dolobowsky
Super fun, great pages

This swap was so well organized and executed. There are pages for all levels of abilities, there was plenty of time to get the pages done without feeling rushed, and all of the pages I got in return were amazing.