Toddler Science Book Resources

Toddler Science Book Resources

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If you're here, you must have read my book!  Thanks so much!! But if you didn't know, I wrote a book with over 100 science activities you can do with your toddler (but also totally fun for older kids too) to encourage learning through play.  Find it here!

Here are some free printables you can use with the activities in the book.  Enter your email and they will be sent right away!


Sound Search

Print this out and head outside to hear what you can hear!  Take a walk or have a seat somewhere.  Close those mouths and open up the ears to explore the sounds in the world around you!  How many can you check off?

sound scavenger hunt

Nature and Neighborhood Scavenger Hunts 

Whether you are on a hike or a walk around your neighborhood, these scavenger hunts will get kids more involved in looking what is around them!  If you have a reluctant walker, they really help to make them forget they are walking.

neighborhood and nature scavenger hunt

Nature Collection Labels

Cut and glue these labels onto an egg carton to create the perfect way to store any nature treasures.  Choose between:

  • Rock Collection
  • Flower Collection
  • Nature Collection
  • Nature Treasures
  • Leaf Collection
  • Colors in Nature (for an added challenge!)

nature collection labels


Thank you!

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