Halloween Candy Treasure Hunt

Halloween Candy Treasure Hunt

Kailan Carr2 comments

If you're not planning to trick-or-treat this year, I made you something that will still have your kids going place to place to collect candy in your own home!  And if you are trick-or-treating, you just might have to do both because it's too fun not to do!

Let's have some Halloween fun!

Halloween Candy Treasure Hunt clues

There are 18 different clues that have your child going to different areas of your home.  Put a piece of candy with each clue or a whole bowl!  Not big on all the sugar?  Trade some out with fun non-candy items.

Kids can't read yet?  Read it for them!  Still think they are too little?  Narrow it down to 6 or 8 clues.  We've been doing treasure hunts since my kids were toddlers and it is so. much. fun!

I can pretty much promise it will create a happy Halloween memory during these unusual Covid times.  Pair this with a themed dinner, Halloween crafts or games, or a Halloween movie night and I'd say the kids will be excited and happy!

Don't forget to rock those costumes on the hunt!

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Lauren Nygard
Lauren Nygard
We loved the hunt for our son’s Easter basket this year and are looking forward to doing this Halloween treat hunt this weekend! Thanks so much for creating and sharing this resource!
Thank you

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