Get the free template for this Flip Sequins Quiet Book page.  Toddlers and preschoolers will be entertained by these mermaid sequins and practice writing letters and numbers.

Flip Sequins Quiet Book Page | Free Template

Kailan Carr2 comments

Are your kids just as obsessed with these flip sequins as mine?  Everywhere you look there are shirts, pillows, backpacks, pencil pouches, etc. with this awesome fabric.  So I thought, why not make a quiet book page?!  It's so simple, yet the mesmerizing mermaid sequins (as they are also known as) will keep your little one busy for quite a while!

Although this page is very entertaining to just move the sequins back and forth, I always try to put in a learning component when I can!  Have your child practice writing their letters (this works easily with straight lines, but can get a little tricky with curved ones).  Excellent fine motor skill practice here!

Now, on to making is a very quick page to sew with simple materials.  But, not nearly as cheap as felt!  I think my mouth dropped open when I saw the sequin fabric at Joann's for $30 a yard!!  Luckily, we only need 1/4 yard AND it was on sale (or use one of the many coupons Joann's always has).  So it ended up costing me about $5, and I have tons of leftover material.  Sequin pages for each kid!  And their cousins.  And maybe even friends and neighbors.

I sewed everything with my machine, and a walking foot is helpful.  But, if you don't sew and you really want a page like this, I think it would be possible to hand sew with a needle and thread.

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This page doesn't HAVE to go in a Quiet Book.  It can be taken by itself in a diaper bag or backpack to a restaurant, church service, or plane or car ride.  But, if you have been in one of my Quiet Book Swaps, you can easily sew it to another Quiet Book page (like my free fish tank template) and add it to your book!

Don't have a Quiet Book at all?  I'd love to help you make one by joining one of my Quiet Book swaps!  It's such an easy and cost effective way to go about it.  You essentially pick one page design and make enough copies for everyone in the group with the template and instructions I provide.  You can participate from anywhere in the U.S. by mailing your pages!

Do you want to make this page?  If you're ready for the FREE template and instructions, just enter your information below and they will be sent to you!


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Sarah Hartline
Sarah Hartline
I love this idea! Im going to try this with both of my children. Looks like alot of fun. I love making homemade crafts for my children. I dont mind covid-19 times at all. Theres so much fun crafts and fun recipes to make. Actually this is the best times for crafting and bonding with our children. Thank you so much for sharing this idea!
Monica Madrigal
Monica Madrigal
Yes! We love the reversible sequins too! So entertaining. This is exciting! I’m going to have to make this page! Thanks for the fun Friday freebie!!!

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